We create high end collectables.

Vintage Motor Brands is the fulfilment of a dream shared by four dedicated, classic motorcycle enthusiasts, who decided that they wanted to offer collectors the ability to acquire highly detailed 1:6 scale replicas of some of the world’s most iconic machines.

Not that many years ago, some of these classic motorcycles might have been affordable by the man in the street, but demand has now hugely outstripped supply, putting many of these bikes beyond the reach of the average enthusiast. It’s a situation that has been made worse by the fact that many such machines have been salted away in private collections as financial investments, often never to turn a wheel again.

For those who have found the prospect of owning the bikes of their dreams less and less likely, we hope that a collectible replica from Vintage Motor Brands will fill a hole in their lives.

All of the models we are going to produce will be based on concours and original full size bikes that we have painstakingly measured with great precision, and photographed from just about every conceivable angle.

There have been classic bike replicas in the past, but we are determined to ensure that ours are the best quality, the most accurate, and the most faithful that the collector market has ever seen.

All the models we produce will be limited to between 500 and 1000 pieces worldwide, making them truly rare and collectible.

And, of course, modelled in the much larger scale of 1:6, they are going to be more imposing and impressive than most of those that have gone before.


1959 Triumph Bonneville T120r ‘The Tangerine Dream’

Named after the Bonneville salt flats in America where Triumph was a known record breaker. Launched in America for its consumer market the Bonneville failed to sell in the beginning. Only later did it gain a major cult following and now a days big money gets bid for a Bonneville. Models in the more rare colour Tangerine are wanted the most because of their rareness.


1926 Harley-Davidson Eight Valve Board Track Racer

A true powerhouse by the legendary company Harley-Davidson. That is how this 8 Valve deserves to be called.
A daring experiment at the beginning of the nineteenth century that allowed Harley-Davidson to leave to racing world competition biting dust.


1972 MV Agusta 750S 'THE TRADITIONAL'

Sex appeal and muscle power in the ultimate combo from Italy. A legacy given from a father to his sons that is now loved all over the world. MV Agusta raised a racing generation with the 750S including names like Giacomo Agostini and Mike Hailwood.

Scale Models

We produce a variety of products related to the Motor industry.

1926 Harley-Davidson Eight Valve Board Track Racer
1959 Triumph Bonneville T120r ‘The Tangerine Dream’
1972 MV Agusta 750S
1956 BSA Goldstar Clubman
1913 Indian Eight Valve Board Track Racer
1971 Kreidler Florett RS Orange
1973 Zündapp KS50 Water-Cooled Orange

“Ut somnium, sic colligo”

“I dream thus i collect”

Everybody has a dream.

Each morning we collect our dreams and store them against the harsh reality of the world. With Vintage Motor Brands we want to take your dreams one step closer to reality. We want to give you the chance of owning your own high end, exotic and rare motorcycle.

Everybody collects.

In our years we will collect what we love and what we hate. Vintage Motor Brands has set out to help you collect things that you will love to the fullest. Combining these two elements every human will go through in their life is our goal.

By dreaming about collecting and trying to collect our dreams Vintage Motor Brands has set out to create high end collectables. Dare to dream with us and dare to catch your dreams.