Yesterdays is a Dutch organisation with the goal of restoring vintage motorcycles and giving these old champions of days gone by warm new homes. They have provided museums and private collections alike. When a motorcycle comes into the warehouse Yesterdays mission is to restore it as much to its original state as possible. During this process a lot of photographs are made of the motorcycle before, during and after the restoration process.

These photographs have provided a huge help to the Vintage Motor Brands in our mission to build the highly detailed scale model’s that we provide. We would like to thank Yesterdays for providing numerous photographs of these vintage motorcycles and a chance to see some of these rare and legendary motorcycles up close.

Yesterdays is run by two experts on motorcycles sharing between them more than 35 years of experience. From the cramped workshop to the exquisite showroom every centimetre is cramped with motorcycle love. From bikes to rare posters Yesterdays goes for the complete picture.

Working with Yesterdays is way to reach our goals of making true to life scale models of motorcycles that have become rare and hard to find today.

Our love and gratitude go out to Thijs and Geert owners of Yesterdays.


Vintage Motorcycle Books is a passion run by two booklovers. They collect, sell and resell boxes full of books on all kinds of antique motorcycles. They lent us a store of paper knowledge and many of the books in our collection come from their store. They are the place to look to complete your collection on that one specific motorcycle or motorcycle era.


Recently, the Vintage Motor Brands team went to Dallas, Texas to scope out potential new projects and partnerships.

During our visit to Dallas we discovered the Strokers Dallas. The world`s most infamous chopper shop run by the legendary master bike builder Rick Fearless.

Rick received us all the way from The Netherlands with hospitality and friendliness that made us feel like we had been fast friends for years.

We were shown around the shop and had a look at some of the most amazing custom bikes we had ever seen. This included a Tribute bike to the amazing Janis Joplin.

Rick Fearless showed great interest in the scale models that Vintage Motor Brands produces and he invited us to talk about possible projects.

If you have any spare time whilst in Dallas check out the Strokers Dallas and look at the amazing bikes in the shop afterwards go grab a cold beer and a bite next door at the Ice House.

We would like to thank Rick Fearless himself and the ladies at the shop for showing us around and making us feel at home.



Recently, also saw the Vintage Motor Brands team travel to Anamosa, Iowa to visit the National Motorcycle Museum to make photographs of a motorcycle for a to be revealed project.

The museum made a great impression on us and so did its amazing staff. We had contact with the museum before going there and explained who we are and what we do. They offered us any help and materials we needed and they even showed an interest in our scale models.

As a thank you we donated two models to the museum for their mission to display motorcycle history.

We would like to thank the entire museum staff and especially Mrs. Carol Vermillion for the help and friendliness.
If you ever happen to find yourself near the National Motorcycle Museum then go and check out their collection and be amazed!



Traveling to Dallas, Texas we had two free day between meetings and looking for new projects. On one of these days the Vintage Motor Brands team found the Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery.

This Museum had just opened its door and we where the first international visitors admitted to the museum. This museum owned by Mister Haas a man whose family roots trace back to The Netherlands is filled with unique machines.

What impressed most of us was the expertise that the museum staff has about each and every motorcycle in the museum. Whenever you have spare time left in Dallas check this museum out.

I would especialy encourage people to take the time and stroll through the impressive section of motorcycles with side-cars.

We would like to thank Mister Haas and his staff for the tour of the museum and for recieving these Dutchies with hearthwarming friendlyness.